Optim Performance Manager 4.1 Offerings -- Information Roadmap

Product overview

These resources provide an overview of the IBM® Optim™ Performance Manager product components.


Before you install Optim Performance Manager, consider your requirements and be sure you understand the solutions and best practices available. Such planning facilitates performance, the best use of your resources, and helps you to avoid potential problems.

Installing and configuring

The following resources help you install and configure Optim Performance Manager and its components.

Tutorials and samples

You can explore Optim Performance Manager by following the tutorials and demos.


When a problem occurs, you must determine the scope of the problem and which Optim Performance Manager product components are involved. The resources in this section provide information about identifying and solving problems.


After Optim Performance Manager is installed and running, you must occasionally perform some administrative tasks. Use these resources to help you manage Optim Performance Manager and its components. The IBM Redbooks publication in the planning section also contains useful administration information.

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