InfoSphere Warehouse 10.1 Information Roadmap

Product overview

These documents provide a general overview of IBM® InfoSphere® Warehouse.


These documents provide information about how to install InfoSphere Warehouse.

Tutorials and samples

You can explore InfoSphere Warehouse by following the tutorials. The tutorials use sample data in sample projects that are ready to run in your environment.


Use these resources to find information to help you develop the data flows, control flows, and mining models that make up a data warehouse application.


Use these resources to help you deploy data warehouse applications.


These documents provide information about how to best administer InfoSphere Warehouse to meet your needs.


IBM offers education that is specifically tailored to help you to learn, install, and use InfoSphere Warehouse.

More documentation

Administrators of InfoSphere Warehouse should be familiar with relational database management systems and understand how the InfoSphere Warehouse product components work. These topics provide an overview of the InfoSphere Warehouse product components.


When a problem occurs, you must determine the scope of the problem and which InfoSphere Warehouse product components are involved. The resources in this section provide information about identifying and solving problems.

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