Product overview

These documents provide a general overview of IBM® InfoSphere® Warehouse.

  • InfoSphere Warehouse 10.1 Announcement: This website announces InfoSphere Warehouse 10.1 and includes the full announcement letter in PDF format. The announcement letter includes introductory and planning information for InfoSphere Warehouse. It also describes the new features in Version 10.1.
  • Data Warehousing and Analytics: This website provides an overview of data warehousing and analytic solutions, from traditional multidimensional and data mining to mashups and high-speed streaming.
  • InfoSphere Warehouse Product page: This website provides an overview of InfoSphere Warehouse, a complete data warehousing platform that delivers superior scalability and availability, design, build, and management tooling, and business analytics.
  • IBM Smart Analytics System: This website provides an overview of the IBM Smart Analytics System.


These documents provide information about how to install InfoSphere Warehouse.

Tutorials and samples

You can explore InfoSphere Warehouse by following the tutorials. The tutorials use sample data in sample projects that are ready to run in your environment.


Use these resources to find information to help you develop the data flows, control flows, and mining models that make up a data warehouse application.

  • Designing a data flow: This topic explains how to design and create data flows.
  • Designing control flows: This topic explains how to design and create control flows.
  • Designing cube models and cubes: This topic provides information about how to design a complete OLAP model with InfoSphere Warehouse metadata objects. A complete OLAP model documents the relationships that exist within your relational data.
  • Designing mining flows: This topic provides information about how to design and create mining flows.


Use these resources to help you deploy data warehouse applications.

  • Deploying control flows: This topic provides an overview of data warehouse application deployment and delta deployment, and also links to detailed information.
  • Managing OLAP and cubing administration tasks: This topic provides information about using the Design Studio to import and export metadata objects to your data design project or your InfoSphere database.
  • Deploying your mining flow : This topic explains how you can generate code from your mining flows so that you can deploy them with your business applications or reporting tool of choice.


These documents provide information about how to best administer InfoSphere Warehouse to meet your needs.


IBM offers education that is specifically tailored to help you to learn, install, and use InfoSphere Warehouse.

  • Certification exam for InfoSphere Warehouse solution designer: This certification exam certifies that the successful candidate has important knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform the intermediate and advanced skills required to design, develop, and support InfoSphere Warehouse Version 9.5 applications.
  • Classes for InfoSphere Warehouse: A series of online courses on InfoSphere Warehouse components, including the SQL Warehousing Tool, Cubing Services, data mining, and text analysis.

More documentation

Administrators of InfoSphere Warehouse should be familiar with relational database management systems and understand how the InfoSphere Warehouse product components work. These topics provide an overview of the InfoSphere Warehouse product components.


When a problem occurs, you must determine the scope of the problem and which InfoSphere Warehouse product components are involved. The resources in this section provide information about identifying and solving problems.

  • IBM Software Support for DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows: This website provides links to documents that can help you solve problems with DB2®. These self-help documents include FAQs, hints and tips, technotes, and IBM Redbooks. From this website, you can submit and track problems, read the latest product flashes and announcements, and download fixpacks.