Some documents linked from this information roadmap were created for prior releases of IBM® Informix®. Although these documents do not contain information about Informix 11.70 features, the documents are included here because the conceptual information is applicable and useful for 11.70. Consult the What's new? section in the Release notes for each release to see what features were added.


IBM Informix Dynamic Server editions were withdrawn and new Informix editions are available. Some products were also renamed. The publications in the Informix library pertain to the following products: IBM Informix database server, formerly known as IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS); and IBM OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix, formerly known as OpenAdmin Tool for Informix Dynamic Server (IDS).

Product overview

These documents provide a high-level introduction to Informix database servers.


See the following information when planning to use Informix.


These documents provide information about designing Informix databases.

Upgrading and Migrating

These documents assist you in planning to upgrade existing Informix systems or migrate to Informix.


These documents will help you install Informix and related Informix products.


These documents provide guidance for configuring Informix database systems and provide assistance for common configuration problems.


Informix administrators will find these documents useful for performing administrative tasks.


These topics describe how to program applications using the IBM Informix implementation of SQL, client APIs, and 4GL development tools.

Embedding Informix

IBM Informix 11.70 combines enterprise-class high-availability and high performance with embeddability features, such as easy programmability, a small disk and memory footprint, and silent deployment. You can quickly and easily deploy Informix in your application as a preconfigured, ready-to-use database server.

Extending Informix

The Informix database server can be extended to support non-traditional data types and other database objects.


Use this information to help keep your data secure.


These documents provide guidance for tuning Informix systems for optimal performance.


These documents provide information about how to monitor Informix.


These links provide access to community sites, forums, and blogs for Informix.

Troubleshooting and Support

The resources in this section provide tips and techniques to help you identify and solve common problems.

Training and Education

The resources in this section provide information about training and education related to Informix.

News and Events

Use this link to access information about news and upcoming events for Informix.

Send Feedback

Use these links to send comments to IBM about the product and documentation.

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