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IBM Informix 11.50

Information roadmap for administrators, developers, and end users. Last updated November 2010.


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Some documents linked from this information roadmap were created for prior releases of IBM Informix. Although these documents do not contain information about Informix 11.50 features, the documents are included here because the conceptual information is applicable and useful for 11.50. Consult the What's new? section in the Release notes for each release to see which features were added.

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IBM Informix Dynamic Server editions were withdrawn and new Informix editions are available. Some products were also renamed. The publications in the Informix library pertain to the following products: IBM Informix database server, formerly known as IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS); and IBM OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix, formerly known as OpenAdmin Tool for Informix Dynamic Server (IDS).

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Product overview

These documents provide a high-level introduction to IBM Informix database servers.

Informix Information Center (Information Center topic)
These topics contain information about Informix 11.50 and related IBM Informix products, specifically new features, release information, and getting started.
Informix product family (Website)
This product page provides technical resources for Informix, such as information about the product editions, downloadable files, product documentation, and support resources.
IBM Informix (DeveloperWorks)
This website provides many resources about Informix including top stories, product downloads, developerWorks articles, and learning resources.
Informix trials and demos (Website)
Trial versions of Informix products are available for download at no charge. Other products are available for evaluaton through your IBM sales representative or Business Partner.

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Consider the following information when planning to use Informix.

Designing and implementing a database (Information Center topic)
These topics provide information to help you design, implement, and manage your Informix databases. The topics include data models that illustrate different approaches to database design and show you how to use SQL to implement and manage your databases.
Informix Platform Availability (Excel spreadsheet)
This downloadable spreadsheet lists the platforms that each Informix product is available on. The spreadsheet is updated monthly.
Demonstration: Using IBM Informix on Microsoft Windows (Demonstration)
This demonstration is a six-part series that illustrates how to install, configure, and use Informix on Microsoft Windows operating system.
Powering SOA with IBM Data Servers (IBM Redbooks publications)
This publication describes how service-oriented architecture (SOA) can help businesses respond more quickly and cost-effectively to the changing market conditions by promoting reuse and interconnection of existing IT assets.
Informix 11: Advanced Functionality for Modern Business (IBM Redbooks publication)
This IBM Redbooks publication provides an overview of the features in Informix, Version 11. Informix is designed to help businesses leverage their existing information assets as they move into an on demand business environment. This environment requires a flexible data server that can accommodate growth, in applications, data volume, and numbers of users. Additionally, Informix offers the capability to minimize downtime and to provide the high availability that required in today's fast-paced environment.

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These documents provide information about designing Informix databases.

Designing and implementing a database (Information Center topic)
These topics provide information to help you design, implement, and manage your Informix databases. The topics include data models that illustrate different approaches to database design and show you how to use SQL to implement and manage your databases.
SQL Reference (Information Center topic)
These topics include information about the system catalog tables, data types, and environment variables that Informix products use.
SQL Syntax (Information Center topic)
These topics describe the syntax of SQL and of the Stored Procedure Language (SPL) for Informix version 11.

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Upgrading and Migrating

These documents assist you in planning to upgrade or migrate to Informix.

Overview of upgrading or migrating Informix (Technote)
This overview describes what is involved in upgrading or migrating to the latest release of Informix. It also lists some resources that you can use to assist you. Careful planning will ensure minimal impact on your business.
Informix upgrade portal (Technote)
This document helps you navigate through the available information and resources related to upgrading and migrating to the supported Informix database products. Read this information before consulting the migration topics in the Informix Information Center or in the PDF version of the Migration Guide. (The PDF version contains the same content as the information center topics.)
Migrating Informix database systems (Information Center topic)
These topics describe the procedures for upgrading to Informix 11.50 and how to revert to the database server that you upgraded from. They also describe how to move data manually between databases, servers, and computers. This is your primary resource when performing an upgrade.
IBM Informix Migration Guide (Manual, PDF)
This PDF file contains the same topics found in the Migrating and Upgrading section of the Informix 11.50 Information Center.
Migrating from Oracle to Informix (IBM Redbooks publication)
This IBM Redbooks publication discusses how to migrate from Oracle to Informix. With this information, you can gather and document your conversion requirements, develop your required migration methodology, and then plan and excute the migration activities in an orderly and cost effective manner.
Migrating from Microsoft SQL Server to Informix (IBM Redbooks publication)
This IBM Redbooks publication discusses the processes for migrating the database objects and data from Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to Informix using various methods.

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These documents help you install Informix and related Informix products.

Installing Informix (Information Center topic)
These topics describe how to install Informix on various operating systems.
DataBlade module installation and registration (Information Center topic)
These topics describe how to install DataBlade modules and how to use BladeManager to manage them in Informix databases.
Installing and Connecting to Clients (Information Center topic)
These topics describe how client-side applications, that are written in programming languages other than SQL or SPL, can connect with and make calls to Informix databases. The supported client application programming interfaces and drivers include JDBC, ODBC, OLE DB, Object Interface for C++, HTTP proxy server, various web servers, PHP, Ruby, and .NET Provider.
IBM Passport Advantage (Website)
Use this password-secured website to download and install new releases or upgrades of products when they become available.

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These documents provide guidance for configuring Informix and provide assistance for common configuration problems.

Configuring Informix (Information Center topic)
These topics contain reference information about the configuration parameters and disk structures.
Configure WebSphere Application Server Community Edition with Informix (DeveloperWorks article)
Do you need a stable, easy to install and use application server for developing and testing J2EE applications with a robust, highly reliable, administration-free database with outstanding performance? The solution is WebSphere Application Server Community Edition with Informix. Follow the steps in this article to configure this environment.
Embedding Informix: An Introduction (IBM Redbooks publication)
This book discusses embedding Informix into applications and software. The technological architecture is introduced, and several of the functions and features that support Informix as a robust and powerful embeddable DBMS are described. Many of these features are unique in the industry today, enabling clients to create a business advantage.

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Informix administrators will find these documents useful for performing administrative tasks.

Administrator's Guide (Information Center topic)
These topics describe concepts and procedures for configuring, administering, and using Informix.
Administrator's Reference (Information Center topic)
These topics contain reference material for Informix. The topics describe configuration parameters, the system-monitoring interface (SMI) tables in the sysmaster database, the syntax of database server utilities, logical-log records, disk structures, event alarms, and unnumbered error messages.
Administration Tools (Information Center topic)
You can use the IBM OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix, which is a web application, to administer multiple database server instances from a single location. Use the IBM Data Studio to collaborate throughout the data-driven application development lifecycle.
High availability and scalability information roadmap (Website)
This information roadmap contains links to information about high availability and scalability.
Schema Manager plug-in for IBM OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix (Information Center topic)
These topics describe how to use the Schema Manager plug-in for OAT to view and administer database objects and table objects.
Compressing data (Website)
This website provides technical resources, such as product documentation, downloadable files, and support resources for data compression with Informix.
Data archiving with Informix table-level restore (DeveloperWorks article)
This article discusses the common options for archiving your Informix data, and illustrates techniques to retrieve your data from a backup to store the data in an independent format. Archiving preserves the data against future changes in your environment.
Backup and Restore (Information Center topic)
These topics contain information about backing up and restoring data, and describe how to use the ON-Bar and ontape utilities.
Customizing Informix for Your Environment (IBM Redbooks publication)
This book provides an overview of some of the capabilities of Informix 11.50 that enable Informix to be easily customized for your particular environment. The focus of this book is on ease of administration and application development. The book describes these capabilities with examples and provides a model to help you customize Informix.

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Use these resources to develop Informix applications and extensibility features.

Developing Applications (Information Center topic)
These topics describe how to create information management applications and applets to access Informix databases in programming languages other than SQL or SPL, and how to create information management applications that are internationalized.
IBM Informix Developer's Handbook (IBM Redbooks publication)
This IBM Redbooks publication provides fundamentals of Informix application development. This book covers the Informix Client installation and configuration for application development environments. This book discusses the skills and techniques for building Informix applications with Java, ESQL/C, OLE DB, .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails, DataBlade, and Hibernate.
Developing Extensions to Informix (Information Center topic)
These topics describe how to create applications that use the extensibility features of object-relational databases of Informix. They provide information about application programming interfaces for creating and registering user-defined data types, routines, and DataBlade modules.
SQL Syntax (Information Center topic)
These topics describe the syntax of SQL and of the Stored Procedure Language (SPL) for Informix version 11.
Tutorial: Get started using IBM Data Studio Developer with Informix (Website)
This tutorial guides you through setting up Data Studio Developer to work with Informix. The tutorial describes how to expose database operations as web services, to work with basic database objects, SQL statements, and stored procedures. The tutorial provides an introduction to pureQuery, an innovative approach to building high-quality, better-performing Java database applications. This tutorial also describes the IBM Data Studio offering.
Rapid Windows application development with IBM Informix and IBM Database Add-ins for Visual Studio 2005 (DeveloperWorks article)
This article discusses the IBM Database Add-ins for Visual Studio 2005. Informix application developers can use Visual Studio functions for Windows application development, database schema development, and debugging.
PHP Forum: Developing PHP applications with IBM Information Management products (DB2, Informix) (Forum)
This forum is ideal for posting your questions about building web applications with PHP and IBM Information Management products including: DB2, Informix, and more.

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Use this information to help keep your data secure.

Security in Informix (Information Center topic)
These topics describe methods for keeping your data secure by preventing unauthorized viewing and altering of data or database objects. This topic also documents the secure-auditing facility of the database server.
Enhance Informix Security with the PAM Framework and JDBC (DeveloperWorks article)
As existing authentication mechanisms evolve and newer authentication mechanisms come into existence, system-entry services (such as login, ftp, and rlogin) need to be continually customized to incorporate these changes. The Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) Framework is the ideal solution for integrating login services with advanced authentication technologies (including RSA, DCE, and Kerberos) without changing any of the login services. Thus, it preserves the existing environments.

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These documents provide guidance for tuning Informix systems for optimal performance.

Performance Guide (Information Center topic)
These topics provide information about how to configure and operate Informix to improve overall system throughput and to improve the performance of SQL queries. The topics include information on performance tuning issues and methods that are relevant to daily database server administration and query execution.
Write better distributed queries for Informix data servers (DeveloperWorks article)
This article shows you how to optimize your queries when accessing multiple Informix servers. This article describes how to read the optimizer's Explain output and understand how Informix processes distributed queries. This article explains how to recognize inefficiencies in a query execution plan and write queries that avoid these pitfalls.
IBM OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix (Information Center topic)
Use OAT, a Web application, to analyze query performance and optimize SQL statements.

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These documents provide information about how to monitor Informix.

Monitoring Informix (Information Center topic)
These topics contain information about the sysmaster database and the system-monitoring interface (SMI) tables. The SMI tables provide information about the state of the database server. You query these tables to identify processing bottlenecks, determine resource usage, track session or database server activity, and so on.
Automatic monitoring and corrective actions (Information Center topic)
These topics provide information about how to use the Administration API, the Scheduler, information stored in the sysadmin database, and Query Drill-Down functionality to manage automatic maintenance, monitoring, and administrative tasks. These components of Informix simplify the collection of information and maintenance of the server in complex systems.
onstat utility commands (Information Center topic)
These topics contain links to the onstat commands and are sorted by functional category. Each category represents a different Informix feature for which onstat commands are useful for providing troubleshooting and performance enhancement information.

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These links provide access to community sites, forums, blogs, and so forth for Informix.

Informix Community (Information Center topic)
These topics link to many Informix community sites, including the International Informix Users Group (IIUG), the Informix Exchange, forums and wikis, and blogs.
Informix Chat with the Lab series (Website)
Check this website regularly to find the latest Informix webcasts about useful topics such as tuning and exploiting new features.
Informix Podcasts (Website)
This website has podcasts about IBM Informix products.
Informix on Facebook (Website)
Become a fan of Informix on Facebook and see news, announcements, and event photos.
Informix on Twitter (Website)
Follow IBM Informix on Twitter. 140 characters at a time!
Informix Exchange (Website)
The Informix Exchange enables members of the developerWorks community to exchange code examples. This website makes it easy to quickly share examples or find ones that others have posted.

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Troubleshooting and Support

The resources in this section provide tips and techniques to help you identify and solve common problems.

IBM Support Portal for Informix Products (Website)
This website provides a comprehensive set of links to documents that can help you solve problems with Informix. From this website you can submit and track problems, read the latest product flashes and announcements, and download fix packs.
Troubleshooting and support (Information Center topic)
These topics provide tools and references for resolving problems with your IBM software, including instructions for searching knowledge bases, downloading fixes, and getting support.
IBM Support Assistant (Website)
This website describes the IBM Support Assistant and provides a way for you download this free tool.
The Software Support Handbook (Website)
This handbook provides guidelines and reference materials that you might need when you interact with IBM service and support.
Business Partner Q&A (Website)
This website provides a customizable search portal for product support. You must register and sign in to use this site. Registration is free.

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Training and Education

The resources in this section provide information about training and education related to Informix.

Education (Information Center topic)
IBM offers a comprehensive portfolio of technical training and education services designed for individuals, companies, and public organizations to acquire, maintain, and optimize their IT skills. This topic links to many of the education, training, and certification sites.
Informix training (Website)
This website provides Informix training resources. Browse the course catalog and learn about certification programs. E-learning courses are online courses that are offered as instructor-led or self-paced courses.
Informix Training Paths (Website)
Use the Informix training paths to help map your path to skills development efficiently and effectively. Following these paths can help you attain the skills needed to work productively in your environment while minimizing your training time.
IBM Education Assistant (IEA) (Website)
The IBM Education Assistant (IEA) is a collection of multimedia educational modules designed to help you gain a better understanding of IBM software products and use them more effectively to meet your business requirements.
System Administrator Certification for Informix (Website)
Learn how to become a certified Informix system administrator.
System Administration Certification exam 918 for IBM Informix 11 Prep Series (Website)
This website describes the IBM Certified System Administrator exam for Informix 11 (Exam 918). By taking this exam you can demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to configure, install, monitor, and troubleshoot Informix 11. Significant experience as an Informix 11 system or database administrator is required.

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News and Events

Use this link to access information about news and upcoming events for Informix.

IBM Product News (Website)
Read about new products and features, Beta programs, success stories, and more at this website.

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Send Feedback

Use these links to send comments to IBM about the product and documentation.

Send documentation feedback (Form)
We welcome your feedback about any of the books, online help, wizards, or information center topics for Information Management products. Your comments are sent to the authors to help improve IBM product information.
Send product feedback (Survey)
We want to improve IBM software for you! Take the Consumability Survey.

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