Product overview

These resources provide an overview of IBM Data Studio.


Use these resources for information about database management solutions.


Before you install Data Studio, consult the following resources.


The following resources will help you to install the Data Studio components.


The following information center topics will help you configure the Data Studio components.


Consult these resources to understand how logical design and database modeling help to create an effective data management system.

  • Working with data diagrams: Use this topic to learn how you can use data diagrams in Data Studio to visualize and edit your data projects.

  • Modifying physical data models: This topic explains how to modify database-specific models that represent your relational data objects and their relationships. You can use these models to generate DDL statements and deploy them to a data server.

  • InfoSphere Data Architect information roadmap: For more robust data modeling and data integration capabilities, you can use InfoSphere Data Architect. This information roadmap provides links to key resources for that product.


Use these resources to learn how to best use Data Studio to develop database applications.


Use these resources to help you administer and manage databases with Data Studio.


These resources can help you tune SQL statements to improve query and workload performance.


These resources explain how you can analyze database activity and performance.


These resources provide you with information about identifying and resolving problems with Data Studio.