DB2® pureScale reduces the risk and cost of business growth by providing extreme capacity, continuous availability, and application transparency. DB2 pureScale is available on IBM® Power Systems™ and System x, delivering levels of database scalability and availability unmatched on UNIX® or x86 systems. This complements DB2 for z/OS® and System z®, the undisputed leader in total system availability, scalability, security and reliability.

Read a white paper entitled Transparent Application Scaling with IBM DB2 to learn how DB2 pureScale is able to bring to the distributed platform the centralized locking and caching capabilities previously only available on DB2 for z/OS.

Extreme capacity

DB2 pureScale provides extreme capacity for any transactional workload. Scaling your system is simply a matter of connecting a new node and issuing two simple commands. DB2 pureScale's cluster-based, shared-disk architecture reduces costs through efficient use of system resources.

Application transparency

With DB2 pureScale, you don't need to change your application code to efficiently run on multiple nodes. Thanks to a proven, scalable architecture, you can grow your application to meet the most demanding business requirements. You can also run applications written for other database software with little or no changes; DB2 offers native support for commonly used syntax and PL/SQL procedure language, making it easier than ever to move from Oracle Database to DB2.

Continuous availability

DB2 pureScale provides continuous availability through the use of highly reliable PowerHA pureScale technology on and a redundant architecture. The system recovers nearly instantaneously from node failures, immediately redistributing the workload to surviving nodes.

The IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS) is a key part of DB2 pureScale. Learn more about the Best Practices for using DB2 Databases with GPFS.

For more information, contact your IBM representative or email Go_DB2@ca.ibm.com.


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