This area is designed for people new to DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

What is DB2?

  • Which distributed edition of DB2 9.5 is right for you?
    Learn the details on what makes each edition of IBM DB2 9.5 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows unique. The author details the specifications for each edition, outlines licensing considerations, historical changes from DB2 9, and describes some interesting things customers are doing with each edition of DB2.
  • Compare the distributed DB2 9.5 data servers
    Are you trying to ensure you're licensing your DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows servers correctly in a high availability environment? Don't have the time nor the will to read through the announcement letters, PLETs, or your licensing sheets? Author Paul Zikopoulos explains it all in plain English.

How does DB2 compare to similar software products?

Why wait for technology that DB2 delivers today? DB2's technology advantages have Oracle and Microsoft playing follow the leader. The following articles from third party analysts show why:

Read more details about how DB2 capabilities map to capabilites in other relational databases:

How does DB2 work with other software products?

DB2 provides a strong foundation of information integration technologies, including federation, replication, Web services, and XML.

Read detailed examples demonstrating how DB2 can integrate with other technologies:

Get started using DB2

  • Getting started with DB2
    Begin learning how to use DB2. Compiled especially for those less experienced with DB2, this collection of material exposes you to many of the features that make DB2 Information Management products the platform of choice for so many technical professionals. In just about two hours, these training materials will prepare you to take a series of self-study tutorials and to download and tinker with DB2.
  • DB2 basics series
    These articles are geared toward beginning users. The DB2 basics series introduces fundamental topics and provides a walk through of situations often encountered by the first time user.

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