This collection of material introduces you to IBM's information integration products and explains how they help you integrate the diverse information across your enterprise. In addition, you will find materials to help you begin educating yourself on these products.

Step 1. Read overview

Read these articles for an overview of the IBM® WebSphere® Information Integrator Framework:

Step 2. Read Information Integrator details

Read the following for more in-depth knowledge of functionality:

Step 3. Read more about Information Integration capabilities

Now that you are familiar with the general concepts, read additional details about the capabilities of WebSphere Information Integrator.

Step 4. Read about developing with Information Integrator

Learn more about leveraging WebSphere Information Integration capabilities.

Step 5. Take advantage of other educational resources

Feature tutorials:

  • "Replicate data in the fast lane"
    Learn how to set up a straightforward Q replication scenario: one-way or unidirectional replication between two remote databases. As a bonus, learn how to create and use WebSphere MQ queue managers, message queues, and channels that provide the transport layer for replication.
  • "Configuring IBM WebSphere Information Integrator to Access Diverse Data"
    With IBM DB2 Information Integrator, you can access and join structured and unstructured data from several data sources by using a single SQL statement. In this tutorial, learn how to set up access to the data sources from your DB2 federated database using the DB2 Control Center.

Featured Redbook:

Online skills and technical information:

  • Training and certification
    The home base for developing skills. Find out all you need to know about getting skilled and certified.
  • developerWorks Information Management zone
    Access our vast library of information on database, analysis, and enterprise content management, featuring articles, tutorials, white papers, tips, Q&A, Webcasts, and sample code.
  • developerWorks WebSphere zone
    Technical resources for the WebSphere software development platform featuring articles, tutorials, white papers, tips, Q&A, Webcasts, and sample code.


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