Unit test SQL PL routines by using db2unit framework in DB2 LUW

An introduction to xUnit framework for the SQL PL programming language

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Andres Gomez Casanova

Date archived: May 13, 2019 | First published: January 09, 2015

SQL PL routines stored in DB2® databases contain business logic that can be used by all applications that access the database. However, these routines are not always completely tested. Until now, no standard procedure existed to perform automatic tests against them. With the incursion of test-driven development from the eXtreme Programming paradigm, it is important to write test cases that check all possible conditions. Doing so even before starting development ensures the quality of the software. db2unit is a framework that helps you follow these guidelines by writing better code and creating more reliable applications. Learn how to use the innovative framework that, automating unit tests for the SQL PL routines.

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ArticleTitle=Unit test SQL PL routines by using db2unit framework in DB2 LUW