IBM Datacap Developer Kit


The contents of the developer kit pages apply to the following versions of IBM Datacap:

  • 9.0
  • 9.0.1
  • 9.1.0
  • 9.1.1
  • 9.1.3
  • 9.1.4
  • 9.1.5


IBM Datacap automates the capture of data from documents to reduce cost and accelerate document process efficiencies. This advanced document capture solution helps you eliminate labor-intensive document preparation and manual data entry to streamline document processing and indexing. The IBM Datacap Development Kit (DDK) contains several downloads that are useful to expanding your knowledge of IBM Datacap and expanding the features within the product.

If you want to expand or customize IBM Datacap, the DDK includes components that allow you to customize actions. With custom actions you can create your own actions that perform the specific work needed by your applications, expanding the already large base set of actions available to use in your applications.

IBM Datacap provides user interfaces to perform scanning and verification tasks. Sometimes, creating custom layouts can provide a presentation that lends itself to specific types of applications or data display. The DDK contains files that allow customization of the scan and verify panels that are displayed by Datacap Desktop.

The sample applications provided in the DDK highlight features available in IBM Datacap that you can use for specific business needs and can be used as examples to perform similar operations in your applications. For example, if your type of business processing requires recognizing handwriting on a pre-printed form, keying from images, or taking advantage of other features, these scenarios are addressed by the sample applications. The DDK sample applications can be placed into an existing IBM Datacap 9.0 installation.

Target audience

Software development kits are often targeted for those people with a strong technical knowledge. The following describes the suggested skill levels:

IBM Datacap sample applications

These apply to anyone with a working knowledge of running IBM Datacap applications.

IBM Datacap custom actions and custom Datacap desktop panels

These apply to IBM Datacap application support staff who do custom implementations, reseller application support staff who do custom implementations, and customer IT staff responsible for Datacap implementations.

Summary of components:

  • Custom action template
  • Datacap desktop custom panels
  • Sample Datacap applications
  • Ruleset panel template
  • Customization of FlexID Panel

Custom actions allow creation of actions to fit user specific needs. Information and source files are available on IBM Datacap DDK custom actions.

The scan and verification panels displayed by Datacap Desktop (DCDesktop) can be customized to fit user-specific needs. Information and source are available on IBM Datacap Desktop custom panels.

The DDK includes additional sample applications. Access these files and see the details of each application on IBM Datacap DDK sample applications.

Ruleset configuration panels can be created using the provided Ruleset Template. The custom panels can be used within FastDoc and Datacap Studio, allowing easy rules configuration for any application. Access these files and download the IBM Datacap Ruleset Panel Template.

Datacap web services enable you to integrate external applications with Datacap solutions. You can create Datacap batches, upload images, and retrieve captured data and processed images. Information and source files are available at IBM Datacap DDK web services

The FlexID panel that allows manual identification of images can be modified. The panel source code is available in the IBM Datacap FlexID Panel section.

Access the IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture 8.1 Developer Kit.


This article described the IBM Datacap Developer Kit and how it can enhance your product experience. The sample applications highlight some of the features available and how you can use them in your own application. By using custom actions and custom panels you can expand the abilities available for your applications.

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