IBM Datacap ruleset panel template


You can create custom ruleset configuration panels for your IBM Datacap applications by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. The panels are written in C# .NET, implemented as DLLs.

The following users can create custom panels for their IBM Datacap applications:

  • Datacap application support staff that does custom implementations
  • Reseller application support staff that does custom implementations
  • Customer IT staff responsible for Datacap implementations

To create custom panels, you must be experienced with the following disciplines:

  • Creating and customizing applications within Datacap Studio
  • Datacap document hierarchies (DCO)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • C# programming
  • XML

The custom ruleset panel download package contains instructions and the Visual Studio C# solution to create your own ruleset configuration panels for FastDoc and Datacap Studio. To create custom panels, IBM Datacap 9.0 or later must be installed on your development system. Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 is required to create or modify ruleset configuration panels.

Custom Datacap ruleset configuration panels (cross-industry)

IBM Datacap applications are configured using FastDoc and Datacap Studio. It is the rules of an application that control exactly what steps are performed when processing. rulesets and rules are configured using Datacap Studio and provide a rich low-level toolkit. ruleset panels provide an application developer with a simpler method of configuring rulesets that perform a specific task. You can use Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 to create custom ruleset panels for your IBM Datacap applications.

ruleset panels are displayed in FastDoc and Datacap Studio as an application design-time component. A ruleset panel is typically oriented for a specific task and allows easy configuration of that task. For example: A ruleset panel could be written to configure exporting to a third-party system. The panel could allow easy selection of fields to export by picking a field in the DCO tree and the selecting a check box to enable the export of the field. The control saves the configuration information. At runtime, the panel code dynamically builds the XML for the correct ruleset to be run by Rulerunner.

ruleset configuration panels are designed to make application design easier. The primary reasons for creating a custom ruleset configuration panel are:

  • There is a need to make application configuration easier for an application developer without requiring them to understand actions and write the rules that use the actions.
  • To allow a ruleset to be configured from within FastDoc.
  • The functionality of the ruleset is expected to be used in several different applications, each with different configuration settings, so creating a ruleset configuration panel will allow for easy reuse and easy configuration of subsequent applications (like standard rulesets, ruleset panels can also be used across applications).
  • It is expected that an application or a ruleset in an application will have ongoing configuration changes so using a configuration panel will make updating easier than editing the rules each time.

A ruleset panel provides an easy way to configure rules. However, creating a ruleset configuration panel is non-trivial and takes longer to implement than manually creating a standard ruleset within Datacap Studio to accomplish a task.

  • If you are performing a typical one-time configuration of an application, then there is no reason to create a custom ruleset configuration panel.
  • If you expect only small amounts of ongoing ruleset changes on your application beyond regular maintenance, creating a ruleset panel is also likely to be much more work than using a standard ruleset, so you should use a standard ruleset.
  • If your need fits into one of the listed reasons above where the simplified reuse will outweigh the work needed to create the custom ruleset panel, then you may want to consider this approach for your implementation.

The file can also be used with IBM Datacap 9.1.3 and 9.1.4. If using the template with IBM Datacap 9.1.4, the .NET target for the project must be changed to 4.6.1.

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