IBM Datacap FlexID panel


The FlexID panel allows manual identification of documents. Images contained within the batch are displayed as thumbnails and the operator can view each image and select the document type from a drop down list.

The panel is generic and works well for must installations without any customization of the panel. The panel source code is available for customization for those who need to add some unique functionality to the panel.

The following users can create custom panels for their IBM Datacap applications:

  • Datacap application support staff that does custom implementations
  • Reseller application support staff that does custom implementations
  • Customer IT staff responsible for Datacap implementations

To create custom panels, you must be experienced with the following disciplines:

  • Datacap document hierarchies (DCO)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • C# programming
  • Microsoft Forms
  • XML

The download package contains the source code and documentation that describes how to build and deploy the panel.

The file can be used with IBM Datacap 9.0.1 or later.  To use the file with IBM Datacap 9.14, the .NET target for the project will need to be changed to 4.6.1.

Access the IBM Datacap Developer Kit main page.

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