IBM Datacap DDK web services


With Datacap Web Services, you can integrate external applications with Datacap solutions. You can create Datacap batches, upload images, and retrieve captured data and processed images. You can also use transactional endpoints with Datacap rules to process documents without using Datacap Server authentication or queuing.

To create solutions that use Datacap Web Services, you must be familiar with calling web services in your chosen programming language, such as Java. If you are including metadata when creating a batch, or retrieving captured field data, familiarity with the batch structure is also required.

See Downloads to access the Datacap Web Services sample code projects and documentation. The download package includes:

  • Java sample code that demonstrates session-based authentication and transactional endpoints.
  • C# sample code that demonstrates the calling of queue-related endpoints
  • A Microsoft Windows Forms application that demonstrates calling endpoints in sequence to perform common tasks such as batch creation and retrieving captured data.

The file can be used with Datacap 9.0 or later.  To use the file with IBM Datacap 9.1.4, the .NET target for the project will need to be changed to 4.6.1.

Access the IBM Datacap Developer Kit main page.

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