IBM Datacap DDK custom actions


For situations where a specific application need cannot be satisfied with standard actions, custom actions can fulfill virtually any need. You can create custom actions for your IBM Datacap applications by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or 2013. Action libraries are written in C# .NET 4.0, implemented as DLLs. The libraries are made available to your IBM Datacap applications through the action DLL. You add the actions that you create to your IBM Datacap installation to make them available for use in your IBM Datacap applications and are configured in Datacap Studio. You can add these actions to rulesets in the same manner as standard actions.

Any custom actions created for versions of IBM Datacap prior to 9.0 need to be updated.  Follow the instructions in the download package to migrate your existing actions, or use the provided template to create a new action library.

Action libraries created with the IBM Datacap template do not require DLL registration and do not require a separate RRX file to be installed with the DLL in the Datacap install. See the included documentation for more information.

The following users can create custom actions for their IBM Datacap applications:

  • Datacap application support staff that does custom implementations
  • Reseller application support staff that does custom implementations
  • Customer IT staff responsible for Datacap implementations

To create custom actions, you must be experienced with the following disciplines:

  • Datacap Studio
  • Datacap document hierarchies (DCO)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • C# programming
  • XML

The custom actions download package contains instructions and the Visual Studio C# template to create your own actions or migrate custom actions from previous versions.

To use custom actions built using the custom action template with Datacap 9.1.4, update the project settings to use .NET 4.6.1 and then rebuild the project.

Access the IBM Datacap Developer Kit main page.

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