Optimizing BDFS jobs using InfoSphere DataStage Balanced Optimization

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Rao Lella

Date archived: January 13, 2017 | First published: February 20, 2014

This article explains how to use InfoSphere® DataStage® Balanced Optimization to rewrite Big Data File Stage jobs into Jaql. BDFS stage operates on InfoSphere BigInsights. BDFS stage is a new stage introduced in InfoSphere Information Server 9.1. To optimize performance of BDFS jobs, InfoSphere DataStage Balanced Optimization is required. It redesigns a job to maximize performance by minimizing the amount of input and output performed and by balancing the processing against source, intermediate, and target environments. Readers will learn how to use InfoSphere DataStage Balanced Optimization in association with BDFS stage and configuration parameters required for Jaql Connector when a job is optimized.

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ArticleTitle=Optimizing BDFS jobs using InfoSphere DataStage Balanced Optimization