Configuring DB2 Text Search in a partitioned environment

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Nikunja Das and Venkata Vanukuru

Date archived: January 12, 2017 | First published: August 29, 2013

DB2® Text Search enables DB2 database applications to perform full text-search by using embedded full text-search clauses in SQL and XQuery statements. This allows you to create powerful text-retrieval programs. DB2 Text Search supports full-text search in both non-partitioned and partitioned database environments. Partitioned setups are often used for large workloads, and as the text search index is partitioned according to the partitioning of the table, careful planning of configuration and administration tasks is needed to account for search performance and high availability requirements. The article describes the concepts behind the text index partitioning scheme and the impact on administration, the configuration for text search of a sample partitioned database setup, and discusses monitoring features and workload control options.

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ArticleTitle=Configuring DB2 Text Search in a partitioned environment