Creating data marts with the IBM OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix

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Sumanth Rajagopal

Date archived: May 14, 2019 | First published: April 18, 2013

The IBM® OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix® is a web application for administering and analyzing the performance of IBM Informix database servers. You can now use OAT to administer Informix Warehouse Accelerator. Informix Warehouse Accelerator processes warehouse queries more quickly than the Informix database server does. With OAT, you can create data marts based on workload analysis, which is a process that analyzes the query workload in a data warehouse. You can use OAT to schedule loads to refresh the data in the data marts. You can also use OAT to create and drop accelerators and enable and disable data marts. In this article, learn how to create data marts using OAT.

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ArticleTitle=Creating data marts with the IBM OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix