Sybase to DB2 migration, Part 1, Process and methodology

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Amol D. Barsagade

Date archived: May 13, 2019 | First published: November 29, 2012

This article illustrates the process and methodology for migrating from Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 12.x/15.x to DB2® 9.7.x/DB2 10.1.x. The purpose is to enable you to perform successful migration to DB2 for Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows® by following this processes and methodology. For the validation test outlined here, it is assumed that the migration was from Sybase 15.x to DB2 9.7.x/DB2 10.1.x. Later, you can apply the same strategy to other migrations from relational database management systems like Oracle and SQL server, as well as for DB2 version upgrades.

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