Non-root installation feature of Informix: Client perspective

Using non-root user installation with IBM Informix JDBC, ODBC, and ESQL/C drivers

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Kollol Kumar Misra, Mamta Sharma, and Tapan Kumar Ghosh

Date archived: May 14, 2019 | Last updated: July 11, 2013|First published: November 21, 2012

Starting with IBM® Informix® 11.70xC2, Informix started supporting the non-root installation feature. This feature, sometimes called private installation, allows Informix to be installed by a user other than root and permits the software to run without user Informix or group Informix on the machine. Inside the server, Informix will be used as the owner of the system catalog, but neither user Informix nor group Informix will have any special privileges with respect to a private server. The CSDK and other installers, which are part of the Informix bundle, will also permit non-root users to install the software. This article discusses aspects of this feature in Informix and provides information about managing users using JDBC, ESQL/C, and ODBC drivers.

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