Assessing database migration with InfoSphere Optim Query Capture and Replay

Capture production workloads, replay on testing environments, and analyze traffic comparison reports

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Martin Dizon and Denis Kirichenko

Date archived: May 15, 2019 | First published: August 02, 2012

Migration projects enterprises undertake can be complex, costly, and disruptive. If migration teams are not equipped with effective testing tools, they may spend months reviewing code to prioritize conversion efforts and preparing scripts to simulate production workloads, draining businesses of valuable resources. With InfoSphere® Optim™ Query Capture and Replay, organizations can handle enterprise changes safely. Using its ability to easily capture production workloads, replay them on target databases, and generate comparison reports, data teams can systematically manage problematic issues that arise as a result of database upgrades.

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ArticleTitle=Assessing database migration with InfoSphere Optim Query Capture and Replay