Enable RDMA capabilities for DB2 with Socket Direct Protocol

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Sorin Iszlai

Date archived: January 12, 2017 | First published: July 19, 2012

LAN networking devices, like host adapters and Ethernet switches, have evolved over the last few years, making it possible to achieve throughput as high as 40Gbps and network latency below one microsecond. Computing power and LAN devices are no longer a bottleneck. Instead, protocols like TCP have become the real bottleneck in this new world of high-performance hardware. To overcome the limitations of TCP, new protocols like Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) have been developed. This article will explain a cost-effective method for enabling RDMA capabilities in DB2 client server environments without requiring recoding and recompiling the existing applications.

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ArticleTitle=Enable RDMA capabilities for DB2 with Socket Direct Protocol