Use PL/I to determine the algorithm for an IMS HALDB PSE

Experimenting with various PSE algorithms

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Rita Yen, John Harper, and Laurence England

Date archived: September 6, 2016 | First published: July 26, 2012

IBM® Information Management System's High Availability Large Database (IMS HALDB) is a partitioned database. A Partition Selection Exit (PSE) is an Assembler routine that is used to distribute records across the partitions. There is no way to prove if the algorithm in a PSE will provide a desired distribution, without implementing the PSE beforehand. Since implementing a PSE affects database availability, a way is needed to evaluate PSE algorithms without affecting availability. This article describes an approach to evaluate algorithms using a High Level Language (PL/I) to produce a uniform distribution.

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ArticleTitle=Use PL/I to determine the algorithm for an IMS HALDB PSE