Dimensional modeling with IBM InfoSphere Data Architect, Part 3, Transformations

Transform Cognos/Cubing model to Cubing/Cognos model

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Yun Feng Bai and Zhen Xing Li

Date archived: January 12, 2017 | First published: March 22, 2012

Starting with IBM® InfoSphere® Data Architect V7.5.3, you can create both relational data model and multiple dimensional data models by using InfoSphere Data Architect. This series introduces the following three user scenarios that demonstrate how InfoSphere Data Architect V7.5.3 helps you to accelerate dimensional data modeling: Dimensional data modeling by forward engineering, dimensional data modeling by reverse engineering an existing data source, and transforming dimensional data models that you can use with InfoSphere Data Warehouse and Cognos® Framework Manager. Part 3 introduces the transformation from a Cognos model to a cubing model, or from a cubing model to a Cognos model using InfoSphere Data Architect.

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ArticleTitle=Dimensional modeling with IBM InfoSphere Data Architect, Part 3: Transformations