End-to-end database monitoring with Optim Performance Manager Extended Insight

Identify, analyze, and resolve problems from application layer to database using the Extended Insight feature

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Sujan Ghosh, Rajesh Sambandhan, Asim Singh, Anshul Dawra, and David Chang

Date archived: January 11, 2017 | First published: June 30, 2011

Learn how you can use IBM® Optim™ Performance Manager Extended Insight to monitor end-to-end database response time for Java™ and CLI applications. Extended Insight extends database monitoring across the database client, the application server, and the network, giving DBAs immediate insight into where workloads, transactions, and SQL requests are spending their time. With OPM EI, you can quickly detect trends like declining response times for applications or network congestion.

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ArticleTitle=End-to-end database monitoring with Optim Performance Manager Extended Insight