Integrate MATLAB code into InfoSphere Streams

Compile MATLAB functions into C++ libraries and import into SPL for execution in Streams applications

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Bugra Gedik Dr.

Date archived: January 13, 2017 | First published: June 09, 2011

MATLAB is a scientific computing language and platform whose strong support for matrix manipulation and large collection of mathematical modeling libraries make it a popular implementation choice for various analytic assets. This article describes how MATLAB functions can be integrated into SPL in order to execute MATLAB code within IBM® InfoSphere® Streams applications. The integration does not require any changes to the MATLAB code. It relies on the MATLAB support for compiling MATLAB code into C++ shared libraries, and the SPL support for interfacing with native functions.

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Zone=Big data and analytics, Information Management
ArticleTitle=Integrate MATLAB code into InfoSphere Streams