Display enterprise data as dynamic HTML using IBM Mashup Center

Generating distinctive content from enterprise data sources that can be used in a mashup

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Louis Mau and Rajesh Kartha

Date archived: January 11, 2017 | First published: June 16, 2011

IBM® Mashup Center comes with widgets for displaying data in different formats, such as in a table, on a map, or in a chart. These widgets allow for very quick page assembly, but typically only provide a limited set of customization abilities, including font size, alignment, color. To have greater control, IBM Mashup Center V3 supports the generation of any XML directly using data from enterprise data sources. Learn how to generate HTML (XHTML, since the feed is well-formed) for more distinctive presentations using the data mashup builder. In addition, this article also describes a simple widget that can display arbitrary HTML and can intercept mouse clicks to trigger events that can be wired to other widgets.

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ArticleTitle=Display enterprise data as dynamic HTML using IBM Mashup Center