Moving a PHP application to DB2 from MySQL, Part 2, Migrate your data

Lessons from an IBM intranet application case study

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Daniel Krook, Yan Li Mu, and Mark Nusekabel

Date archived: May 14, 2019 | First published: March 31, 2011

Learn why to move a PHP application to DB2®, how to plan the migration, how to execute it, how to support it, and how to handle potential risks based on the experience of an IBM intranet application case study. This four-part series shares lessons from a successful MySQL-to-DB2 migration for a mission-critical PHP intranet application used by 4,000 global users within IBM to support content production for Part 2 describes how to migrate the database.

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ArticleTitle=Moving a PHP application to DB2 from MySQL, Part 2: Migrate your data