Aligning business and IT: A solution for a master data-driven business glossary

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Beate Porst

Date archived: January 11, 2017 | First published: January 20, 2011

From a governance perspective, it is crucial that an InfoSphere® Master Data Management (MDM) Server's logical domain definitions and their dependencies to physical assets are easily accessible within the entire organization. The integration between InfoSphere Data Architect (IDA) and InfoSphere Business Glossary (BG) helps accelerate this process by establishing a business vocabulary based on approved logical data model (LDM) entities and attributes. The current IDA/BG integration however, would not retain the dependencies to their physical model definitions.
Based on the example of MDM Server's logical and physical data models, the article provides a solution to generate an LDM-based Business Glossary which retains it's relationships to the underlying physical data model. Maintaining such relationships is critical for the overall success and value of the Business Glossary for both Business and IT.

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