Tools and XML functionality for DB2 pureXML users

Select tools for DB2 user XML tasks

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Bryan Patterson

Date archived: January 12, 2017 | First published: December 02, 2010

This article provides guidance to database users in choosing XML tools to help them with the new responsibilities that arise now that IBM® DB2® can efficiently store and manipulate XML data with pureXML®. The size of XML, which can vary from a few kilobytes (KB) to many megabytes (MB) per document instance, and the hierarchical structure creates the need for new tool capabilities to ease the tasks of creating, viewing, editing, and querying XML instances and schemas when using DB2 pureXML. This article reviews the XML capabilities in tools available from IBM for working with XML database objects, the different job roles that are impacted by having XML in the database, and the specific tasks involved. It then describes the key XML-related tasks that arise and outlines which tools provide capabilities to help with those tasks.

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ArticleTitle=Tools and XML functionality for DB2 pureXML users