Accelerate Hibernate and iBATIS applications using pureQuery, Part 2, Using the IBM Integration Module for iBATIS and pureQuery

Enable static SQL and heterogeneous batching for iBATIS applications using a new integration module

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Ambrish Bhargava and Mario Briggs

Date archived: January 11, 2017 | First published: September 16, 2010

When extended with the downloadable IBM® Integration Module, the IBM Optim™ pureQuery Runtime simplifies the process of generating DB2® static SQL for Hibernate and iBATIS applications. It does this without requiring you to make changes to your application code or to gather SQL from production workloads. The Optim pureQuery Runtime also enables Hibernate and iBATIS applications that access DB2 or Informix® to benefit from the heterogeneous batching feature in pureQuery. With the heterogeneous batching feature, you can batch multiple INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE requests before sending them across the network, even when the requests reference multiple tables. This article is part two of a two-part series. It describes using the IBM Integration Module with iBATIS applications. This article includes a downloadable sample application that illustrates how you can easily enable static SQL and heterogeneous batch functions with iBATIS applications. Part one of the series focuses on Hibernate applications.

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ArticleTitle=Accelerate Hibernate and iBATIS applications using pureQuery, Part 2: Using the IBM Integration Module for iBATIS and pureQuery