Predictive analytics on SAP with SPSS and InfoSphere Warehouse

Using cutting edge analytics technology to learn more about your customers

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Dr. Stefanie Scherzinger, Dr. Thomas Schwarz, and Dr. Michael Wurst

Date archived: January 13, 2017 | First published: July 08, 2010

Predictive analytics software helps you to find non-obvious, hidden patterns in large data sets. Current tools for predictive analytics, such as SPSS (an IBM® company) and IBM InfoSphere™ Warehouse, expect data to be represented in an appropriate way before the actual analysis can take place. However, you may have cases where the data you want to analyze is not readily available in a format these tools can recognize. For example, SAP systems are widely used by many companies across a variety of industries, but data in SAP systems is not directly accessible to these tools. This article shows you how to use IBM InfoSphere Information Server to extract data from SAP systems for analysis within InfoSphere Warehouse and SPSS PASW Modeler.

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ArticleTitle=Predictive analytics on SAP with SPSS and InfoSphere Warehouse