Using collaborative technologies for healthcare in the home

DB2 pureXML solutions support continuing care for diabetes

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Mary Desisto, Susan Malaika, Donna Slattery, and Andy Smith

Date archived: January 12, 2017 | First published: October 08, 2009

The number of people in the U.S. diagnosed with diabetes is now reaching 24 million. Diabetes requires monitoring. In this article, get an introduction to the concept of continuing care, particularly in the home. This article describes how diabetes monitoring can be improved through collaborative technologies. See how software from MyCareTeam, IBM, and other organizations are used in an example in support of diabetes monitoring. Understand information and Web-based technologies, such as XML storage and services (for example, through IBM® DB2® pureXML™) in the context of continuing care, as well as related initiatives, such as the Continua Health Alliance's role in selecting appropriate standards. This article summarizes the impact of these technologies on the building of agile and collaborative systems for healthcare, and highlights the significant benefits of collaborative continuing care that include cost reduction and increased quality of healthcare.

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ArticleTitle=Using collaborative technologies for healthcare in the home