Use Optim software to manage privatized test data from design to deployment

Integrating InfoSphere Data Architect, Optim Development Studio, and Optim Test Data Management to enforce privacy standards

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Shawn Moe

Date archived: January 12, 2017 | First published: October 15, 2009

With Optim™ Development Studio 2.2, built-in integration with Optim Test Data Management enables developers and database administrators to use copy-and-paste function to generate an Optim Test Data Management request. The request can then be used for the efficient creation of a consistent, right-sized, referentially intact subset of data for testing. This methodology also enables you to enforce data privacy standards that were originally defined in the data model that used InfoSphere™ Data Architect. Developers can see which columns are private to ensure that the generated script enforces the requirement to include the Optim Data Privacy option for de-identifying private data. This article offers an end-to-end example scenario depicting a data architect, a database administrator, and a developer completing the steps needed for the solution.

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ArticleTitle=Use Optim software to manage privatized test data from design to deployment