Data migration and change management using Optim Database Administrator V2.2.3

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Tony Leung, Jeff Ruggles, Arlan Finestead, and Sangeetha Srinivasan

Date archived: January 11, 2017 | Last updated: October 28, 2010|First published: April 16, 2009

IBM Optim Database Administrator for DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows provides DBAs with powerful ways to manage and control complex changes made to their databases, while preserving the underlying data. In Version 2.2.3, it's even easier to do this using new copy and paste capabilities for migration. In this article, follow along with a DBA who uses Optim Database Administrator to manage changes made to a production database table by copying the objects and data to a test system, making the desired changes, then propagating the changes back into the live database environment.

[28 Oct 2010: This article has been updated from its original April 2009 publication to include the renaming of the product from Data Studio Adnministrator to Optim Database Administrator, and to include details on various updates and changes to the product. --Ed.]

This content is no longer being updated or maintained. The full article is provided "as is" in a PDF file. Given the rapid evolution of technology, some steps and illustrations may have changed.

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