Using common connections with Optim solutions

Creating and using connection configurations with Optim Development Studio, Optim Database Administrator, Optim Query Tuner, and InfoSphere Data Architect

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Karen Devlin and Salvador Ledezma

Date archived: January 11, 2017 | Last updated: October 07, 2010|First published: December 18, 2008

Creating database connections requires users to provide specific information, including the database vendor, version, and URL information. In version 2.1, Data Studio Developer and Administrator introduced a simple and efficient way to manage database connections, allowing users to easily store and retrieve connection parameters for multiple databases. Since then, these products have been renamed to Optim and there have been additional usability improvements. Support for common connections has also been added to InfoSphere Data Architect and Optim Query Tuner. This article describes how to use common connections for greater efficiency in managing database connection information.

[7 Oct 2010: This article has been updated from its original December 2008 publication to include the addition of Optim Query Tuner and other product name changes, as well as additions to product capabilities. --Ed.]

This content is no longer being updated or maintained. The full article is provided "as is" in a PDF file. Given the rapid evolution of technology, some steps and illustrations may have changed.

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