Understand IBM InfoSphere MDM Server security, Part 1, Overview of Master Data Management Server security

Authentication, authorization, and audit in MDM Server 8

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Miguel Ortiz Jr. and Lee McCallum

Date archived: March 2, 2017 | First published: September 11, 2008

The ultimate goal of a Master Data Management (MDM) solution is to be the authoritative source of all important shared data across the enterprise. As such, the security of this information is of utmost concern. There are aspects of security that IBM InfoSphere MDM Server addresses directly and those that are addressed by the environment in which it operates. Part 1 of this series focuses on the former of these two aspects and details the components that comprise this view. Subsequent articles in this series will detail how to use and configure these components to solve real-world business problems.

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ArticleTitle=Understand IBM InfoSphere MDM Server security, Part 1: Overview of Master Data Management Server security