Universal Services for pureXML using Data Web Services

Easily enable your pureXML column to be accessed through Web service operations

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Susan Malaika and Christian Pichler

Date archived: September 6, 2016 | Last updated: August 19, 2008|First published: May 01, 2008

The Universal Services are a set of database operations, including insert, update, delete, and query, exposed as Web service operations. These services enable someone who has a pureXML™ column in a DB2® database to set up database Web service operations quickly, for example for prototyping. The services then allow users to query and modify XML data stored in the pureXML column through REST or SOAP, which can serve as a basis for further development of various applications, such as forms or SOA applications. This article gets you started with configuring, testing, and modifying the Universal Services. For even more details, see the step-by-step instructions in the readme file that accompanies the Universal Services download.

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ArticleTitle=Universal Services for pureXML using Data Web Services