Write high performance Java data access applications, Part 2, Introducing pureQuery built-in inline methods

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Daya Vivek

Date archived: January 12, 2017 | Last updated: September 30, 2010|First published: May 01, 2008

pureQuery is a high-performance data access platform that makes it easier to develop, optimize, secure, and manage data access. It consists of tools, APIs, a runtime, and client monitoring services. This article introduces pureQuery built-in inline methods, which are a set of well-defined and efficient APIs that are simpler and easier to use than JDBC. With inline methods, SQL or XQUERY statements can be created inline within the code as a Java™ string object and passed as a string parameter to the pureQuery Data interface method. This article explains the key features of inline methods and why a developer might choose to use them. [30 September 2010: This article was updated from its original May 2008 publication to include product name changes and additional resources that were made available since its original publication. --Ed.]

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ArticleTitle=Write high performance Java data access applications, Part 2: Introducing pureQuery built-in inline methods