Write high performance, Java data access applications, Part 1, Introducing pureQuery annotated method data access objects

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Heather Lamb

Date archived: January 12, 2017 | Last updated: September 30, 2010|First published: April 10, 2008

IBM pureQuery is a high-performance data access platform that makes it easier to develop, optimize, secure, and manage data access. It consists of tools, APIs, a runtime, and client-monitoring services. In this article, get an introduction topureQuery annotated methods--the quickest way to implement a data access object using pureQuery. Annotated methods uses the named-query paradigm, capable of producing data access objects that statically (for IBM DB2 databases) or dynamically execute SQL. This article explains why a developer might choose to write a pureQuery data access object using the annotated methods, discusses some of the differences between using pureQuery annotated methods and pureQuery built-in inline methods, and gives a brief overview of the most powerful features of pureQuery annotated methods.

[30 Sep 2010: This article was updated from its original April 2008 publication to include use of Data Access Object (DAO) terminology, product name changes, and additional resources that were made available since its original publication. --Ed.]

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ArticleTitle=Write high performance, Java data access applications, Part 1: Introducing pureQuery annotated method data access objects