DB2 and Ruby on Rails, Part 3, Testing with DB2 and Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails built-in test facilities and common DB2 diagnostic tools for DB2

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John Chun, Alex Pitigoi, Christine Law, and Naomi Ngan

Date archived: May 16, 2019 | First published: June 21, 2007

A key requirement in agile application development is incremental integration of the code that ensures regression testing. The Ruby on Rails framework is making all this effort easier than ever. Rails not only has support for unit and functional testing, akin to well-known rapid application development environments, but it also silently generates most of the infrastructure, directories, test files and test cases through smart templates. In this third article in the DB2 and Ruby on Rails series, we'll take advantage of the Rails built-in test framework, applied in the context of the Team Room demo sample associated with the second article.

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