Leverage MySQL skills to learn DB2 Express, Part 3, DB2 versus MySQL graphical user interface

Skill transfer to DB2 for Windows

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Allan Tham

Date archived: January 10, 2017 | First published: August 17, 2006

Managing databases is a way of life for DBAs, and inevitably most DBAs get their jobs done either typing away at the command line or through GUI point-and-click. These two techniques define two schools of DBAs. Often, the flashy characteristics of the GUI interface are overshadowed by the flexibility and intricacy of the command line. IBM® DB2® Express-C edition, however, without partiality, comes with a rich set of GUI features and functions for administrators to carry out daily tasks from space management, backup and recovery to development related tasks such as guided stored procedure creation, database automatic tuning, and SQL tuning.

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ArticleTitle=Leverage MySQL skills to learn DB2 Express, Part 3: DB2 versus MySQL graphical user interface