XML full-text search in DB2

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Holger Seubert and Sabine Perathoner-Tschaffler

Date archived: January 13, 2017 | First published: June 29, 2006

With the support of natively storing XML documents, IBM® DB2® 9 takes an evolutionary step towards a hybrid database system. XQuery, a new primary language in DB2, allows for optimally working with XML. However, XML also often contains large portions of text that are not easily searchable with XQuery. To efficiently search these unstructured parts of the documents, DB2 provides a full-text search solution. This article focuses on the basics of DB2 text search, including text index creation and administration. This article also explores specific features of DB2 full-text search, such as searching for keywords or phrases in the XML document structure with fuzzy search, proximity search, and stemming.

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