From DAD to annotated XML schema decomposition

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Mayank Pradhan

Date archived: January 11, 2017 | First published: April 13, 2006

The annotated XML schema decomposition in IBM® DB2® Viper allows you to decompose XML documents into relational tables more efficiently than the DB2 XML Extender. While DB2 XML Extender also supports the ability to shred documents into relational schema, it only allows for a very limited function and is also constrained by the proprietary mapping format, DAD. Annotated XML schema decomposition, on the other hand, provides an XML schema-based flexible mapping language that provides granular control to the users over the entire process of decomposition. It is also much faster than XML Extender shredding. Learn about the benefits of migration to annotated XML schema decomposition at various levels, such as functionality, usability, and performance. Then follow the steps required for migration from XML Extender shredding to annotated XML schema decomposition. This article also provides a tool (Dad2AS) that can be used to convert the XML Extender RDB_Node DADs to the annotated XML schema.

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