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A technical tour of IBM WebSphere Information Integrator Content Edition


Level: Introductory

Sean Johnson (, Lead Architect, WebSphere Information Integrator Content Edition, IBM

03 Feb 2005
Updated 11 Jul 2005

With WebSphere® Information Integrator (II) Content Edition, you can access many different content repositories and workflow systems through a single, Java™-based, bi-directional interface. This interface makes it easy for application developers to integrate those sources into new or existing enterprise applications. Get familiar with the newest member of the WebSphere Information Integrator portfolio by taking a "technical tour" of the robust, J2EE-based architecture and technology behind WebSphere II Content Edition, and find out how to integrate your enterprise applications with relevant content.

WebSphere Information Integrator (II) Content Edition, provides the capability to integrate enterprise applications with relevant content, such as documents, images, audio, video, and other unstructured and semi-structured information stored in multiple, disparate repositories throughout the enterprise. This article assumes you have some familiarity with enterprise content management concepts.

WebSphere II Content Edition’s services oriented architecture can be described in terms of core integration services underlying a rich set of multi-repository federation services with access to the system via developer and end user services all while maintaining strict security for the content being integrated. These areas will be the main stops of the technical tour.

The topics under discussion in this article include:

  • Who needs WebSphere II Content Edition?
  • Business and technical problems solved by WebSphere II Content Edition
  • Integration of content management and workflow systems
  • Federated access to unstructured information
  • Building content enabled web applications
  • Client and server content viewing solutions
  • Product and custom connectors
  • Cross-repository event notification
  • Creating virtual repositories
  • Authentication and authorization


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About the author

Sean Johnson is a lead architect on the WebSphere Information Integrator Content Edition team. Sean has been a lead architect on the WebSphere II Content Edition product since its first inception and has 10 years of experience in the information integration, content management and workflow markets.

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