DB2 pureScale enablement

Workload balancing, automatic client reroute, and client affinities

This paper describes the concept of DB2 workload balancing (WLB) and client affinities. This paper provides detailed examples to illustrate how to enable and use these features to access DB2 pureScale cluster from WebSphere Application Server and various stand-alone DB2 clients. This paper also demonstrates how automatic client reroute (ACR) routes application requests among pureScale members when an outage occurs. In addition, this paper provides tips on how to recover from a non-responsive TCP/IP layer along with how to provide alternate servers for the first connection to ensure successful access to the DB2 pureScale database.

Charlie Wang (charliew@ca.ibm.com), Advisory Software Engineer, IBM China

Author photo of Charlie WangCharlie Wang works for Systems Optimization Competency Center at IBM Toronto Lab with recent focus on system integration and optimization. He has worked on various DB2 development projects including DB2 pureScale since 2001.

Mike Springgay (springga@ca.ibm.com), Senior Development Manager, IBM  

Photo of Mike SpringgayMike Springgay is a Senior Development Manager within the DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows development team. He joined the DB2 development team 15 years ago and is currently responsible for client server connectivity, routine infrastructure and monitor areas.

Aslam Nomani (aslam@ca.ibm.com), Quality Assurance Architect, IBM Toronto Lab

Photo of author Aslam NomaniAslam Nomani has been with IBM for 14 years with most of that time spent with the Quality Assurance team. His main area of focus has been on high availability and disaster recovery solutions. Over the past several years Aslam has been the Quality Assurance Architect for the DB2 pureScale feature.

Frankie Sun (sun@ca.ibm.com), Advisory Software Engineer, IBM

Photo of author Frankie SunFrankie Sun has been a developer at the IBM Toronto Lab for the DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows product since its early days. His expertise is in the area of connectivity. For DB2 pureScale, he was the lead developer for the workload balancing and automatic client reroute features.

28 June 2012

The DB2 pureScale Feature for Enterprise Server Edition provides a database solution that meets the needs of the most demanding customers. It is designed to scale effectively to meet the growing and dynamic needs of different organizations. You can start additional members in the DB2 pureScale environment without any impact to existing applications to meet the demands of peak processing times. The DB2 pureScale Feature automatically balances the workload across all DB2 members in the cluster without any changes at the application side, taking full advantage of the additional processing capacity.

In this white paper

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Enabling WLB and client affinities with WebSphere Application Server
  • Enabling WLB and client affinities for stand-alone Java applications
  • Enabling WLB and client affinities for non-Java applications
  • Configuring alternate servers for the first connection
  • Enabling fast detection for unresponsive TCP/IP connections
  • Conclusion
  • Resources


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