Configuring geographically dispersed DB2 pureScale clusters

This article describes the geographically dispersed DB2® pureScale™ cluster (GDPC). Like the Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex™ configuration of DB2 for z/OS®, GDPC provides the scalability and application transparency of a regular single-site DB2 pureScale cluster, but in a cross-site configuration that enables active/active system availability, even in the face of many types of disasters.

The active/active part is important because it means that during normal operation, the DB2 pureScale members at both sites are sharing the workload between them as usual, with workload balancing (WLB) maintaining an optimal level of activity on all members, both within and between sites. This means that the second site is not a standby site, waiting for something to go wrong. Instead, the second site is pulling its weight, returning value for investment even during day-to-day operation.

This article describes the prerequisites for a geographically dispersed DB2 pureScale cluster, followed by the steps to one deploy one, as well as some of the performance implications of different site-to-site distances and different workload types.

The article covers the following topics:

  • GDPC concepts
  • GDPC infrastructure and prerequisites
  • GDPC setup and configuration
  • Performance factors
  • Detailed configuration steps

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