Migrating from CA ERwin to InfoSphere Data Architect

If you've had experience with CA ERwin Data Modeler and now are starting to learn IBM® InfoSphere™ Data Architect, this paper will speed up your model migration process and ease your learning process of the new environment. You will learn the differences between the two design environments, and you'll also learn a set of best practices for using features of InfoSphere Data Architect that will put you on the fast track of working productively in InfoSphere Data Architect.

[07 Oct 2010: This article has been updated to include information about the 7.5.3 release of IDA, including the comprehensive comparison filter options and the enhanced import with DDL script for IBM DB2 data servers. In addition, the article has been extended to include more post-migration best practices such as domain object reuse.--Ed.]

IBM InfoSphere Data Architect is a collaborative data design solution to discover, model, relate, and standardize diverse and distributed data assets. This product used to be known as Rational Data Architect, and many of the existing materials on the Web still refer to this name.

Some of the best practices recommended for the migration process include:

  • Models that contain entities related to different subject areas in ERwin should be organized into smaller packages (subpackages) in InfoSphere Data Architect.
  • Models that are large or would be shared and changed by multiple people in a team environment in ERwin should be partitioned into submodels in InfoSphere Data Architect. This offers the benefits of team collaboration, less consumption of system resources, and improvement of model performance.
  • Models that have more than one package (such as more than one subject area) in ERwin should use the unique InfoSphere Data Architect navigation diagrams to quickly traverse from one diagram to another.


The authors would like to thank Joe Cullen, Principal Consultant from Dimension Software Consulting Inc. for providing valuable information in converting ERwin domains to IDA Domain Models.

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