Introducing DB2 9: DB2 9 unveiled

Overview and new enhancements

IBM DB2 9 (previously codenamed 'Viper') for Linux, UNIX, and Windows marks a new stage in the evolution of data servers. This article introduces you to many of DB2 9's capabilities, including pureXML, data compression, self-tuning memory, autonomic computing enhancements, LBAC security, table partitioning, and more.

Rav Ahuja, DB2 Program Manager, IBM

Rav Ahuja is a worldwide DB2 program manager based at the IBM Toronto Lab. He has been working with DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows since version 1 and has held various roles in DB2 development, technical support, marketing, and product strategy. He works with customers and partners around the globe helping them build and benefit from DB2 and services-based solutions. Rav is a frequent contributor to DB2 papers, articles and books. He holds a Computer Engineering degree from McGill University and MBA from University of Western Ontario.

27 July 2006

IBM® DB2® 9 (previously codenamed 'Viper') for Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows® marks a new stage in the evolution of data servers. This article introduces you to many of DB2 9's capabilities and summarizes the information included in the Introducing DB2 9 series of articles.

In this article

  • pureXML™ and hybrid data services for powering SOA environments
  • Advanced data compression services for reducing storage costs
  • Self-tuning memory for optimizing dynamic workloads
  • Autonomic computing enhancements for easier management
  • Label-based access security services for stronger data protection
  • New table partitioning for greater scalability and flexibility
  • Application development ability for improved productivity
  • Other improvements


IBM has continually led the data management industry with the release of innovative technology – starting with Information Management System (IMS) in the 1960s, invention of relational database model and Structured Query Language (SQL) in the 1970s, DB2 for the mainframe in 1980s, and now with DB2 9, a new generation of data server that fundamentally transforms the way information is managed as a strategic asset within the business. This version of DB2, probably the most significant DB2 release ever, takes data services to new levels by lowering costs, delivering greater agility, and improving business insight, making DB2 9 an essential ingredient of the information as a service infrastructure.


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  • Now you can use DB2 for free. Download DB2 Express-C, a no-charge version of DB2 Express Edition for the community that offers the same core data features as DB2 Express Edtion and provides a solid base to build and deploy applications.
  • Download DB2 9 to try out the concepts described in this article.


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