Customizing the Cognos 8 user interface using Stylesheets

02 June 2010 (First published 01 January 2009)

This document provides some tips and techniques when creating a custom style (or skin) in IBM Cognos 8.1 or 8.2. This document provides an overview of the concepts, colors schemes, and files used for skinning in IBM Cognos 8. It also provides some task-related examples to better illustrate all of the changes necessary to create your own custom style. Two examples are shown; one which demonstrates how to quickly re-brand IBM Cognos 8 to match corporate branding using find-and-replace techniques and a second example which explores many different parameters and how tweaking these parameters changes the corresponding UIs. A list of all commonly used parameters can be found in the appendix. This document does not provide instructions on how to customize the existing report styles.

In this article

Topics covered include:

  • Rebranding IBM Cognos 8
  • The various UI parameters
  • Using background images


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