Tuning IBM Cognos ReportNet for Performance

IBM Cognos ReportNet tuning considerations for improving a deployment's performance.

01 January 2009

This document is a how-to guide on tuning and optimizing IBM Cognos ReportNet from a system perspective. Application tuning such as report layout and query optimization will not be discussed. The document consists of detailed instructions, screenshots and examples that explain the steps required to tune ReportNet in a single server or distributed server environment. Some users may find this approach over simplified. It is important to note, that there has been a huge number of IBM Cognos ReportNet users with a great misunderstanding on how the settings are calculated and applied. The primary goal is to have a solid understanding of the relationship between ReportNet report processes and affinity connections in order to optimize the use of available hardware resources in a production environment.

In this article

Topics covered include:

  • What is a report process?
  • PDF case study
  • HTML case study


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